Winter Car Care – Tips for Keeping Your Car Healthy in the Cold Winter Months

The coldest season of the year is quickly drawing close. As the holiday season approaches, motorists love to go on road trips, but this can be dangerous during winter due to the fog and poor visibility of the roads. You want to make sure your car is in top shape before you hit the road. Willis auto and diesel service is here to help.

Here are the top 4 tips from Willis Auto to keep your car in exceptional health during the winter season.

1. Keep the battery in great shape

Batteries are a lot like people during the winter; they need to stay warm and be fed regularly. It is very important that your car batteries are fully charged. We can inspect the battery’s terminals and cables by cleaning any corrosion and replace any worn off parts then also run a battery test to make sure your battery has plenty of life left.

2. Replace old wiper blades

Have you ever tried to drive in snow with impaired visibility? Talk about stressful. Save yourself the hassle ahead of time. If your wipers aren’t working great, come by and let us replace those with new blades. We can also check out the major systems in your care to help prevent other problems.

3. Ensure the car headlamps are functioning well

Visibility is a very key factor in driving. Check all the car lights (including tail lights, signal bulbs, and brake lights) to ensure they are working properly. This helps you see better and gives other drives more awareness of your movements.

4. Change the Oil and Oil Filter

It is recommended that you change your car oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. Come by for a complete oil and filter change before you hit the road. An oil change can prevent so many major problems you’d be smart to stay on top of this one.

If you’re thinking, where do I schedule a car maintenance trip to get all of the above done by the best professionals in the fastest possible time? Look no further! The best mechanic in Lubbock is Willis Auto Repair.