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Coolant Maintenance

Coolant Maintenance

Around once a year, you are required to get a state inspection of your vehicle. While it may seem like a nuisance or inconvenience, this is for the maintenance of your vehicle and can help prevent big and expensive repairs down the road. Your car’s coolant system and radiator should be inspected at least once a year and every 12,000 miles, especially if you are on the road a lot. Antifreeze serves to protect your engine from overheating or freezing.

Without it, your engine would eventually melt into a useless block of metal. The issue with coolant is that it is caustic. If it is left alone for too long, it can corrode metal and cause leaks in the radiator. Unlike engine oil, most of the coolant is not removed from the engine in the traditional draining and filling services offered. Adding new coolant to used coolant can cause issues such as clogged coolant passages. In order to avoid expensive engine replacements and repairs, Willis Auto and Diesel Service has some tips so you can maintain the coolant in your car and save money.

First, you should use the correct coolant in your car. You can find what this coolant is by looking in your car’s manual or making a quick search on the Internet. You should also monitor your coolant seasonally. Antifreeze isn’t only used when it is very cold outside — it is flushed through the engine to maintain an even operating temperature every single time you turn the vehicle on.

Checking your vehicle’s owner manual can help you learn when you should replace the coolant in your vehicle. When it is time to replace your car’s coolant, you can do it yourself or visit an auto shop to have it taken care of. As a reminder, antifreeze should not be released into a solid waste stream, storm drain, sewage system, or directly onto the ground. There are regulations on where and how you can dispose of coolant.

Willis Auto and Diesel Service is happy to assist you with car maintenance including your coolant! Avoid a hefty purchase such as a new engine and come see us today!

The Importance of Your Car’s Tires

The Importance of Your Car’s Tires

During West Texas summers, you will commonly see one thing as you drive down the road: shredded tires. In the winter, worn tires can lead to skidding on ice and hydroplaning when it is slick outside. The common denominator is poorly maintained tires on vehicles. Your tires serve to support the load of your vehicle, apply traction and braking forces, absorbing shocks in the road such as potholes, and changing or maintaining the directional travel of your car.

Regular wear and tear or damage to your tires can be catastrophic to your safety as well as that of others on the roadway. Willis Auto and Diesel Services in Lubbock, Texas, has some things you should check regularly on your tires to ensure that you are avoiding dangerous signs of deterioration.

First, your tires’ tread depth is essential to the performance of your tires. In order to navigate wet, hot, or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary road conditions, your tires need tread. When it is wet, the grooves on your vehicle’s tires work to siphon water away from the surface of the road. Worn down tread can lead to not only bad accidents due to hydroplaning or reduced braking distance, but also blowouts that are not only costly but also dangerous. Checking your tire tread depth frequently can help avoid these accidents.

Your tires have a range that their air pressure should stay between. When they are over- or under-inflated, your gas mileage and maneuverability suffer. A tire pressure gauge measures your tire pressure to make sure they are inflated to the correct specifications according to your tire manufacturer. Maintaining good air pressure will improve your gas mileage and the safety of your vehicle.

A regular balancing and rotation of your tires is also necessary for the maintenance of your vehicle. Unbalanced tires can affect the way your vehicle handles and lead to costly repairs. Rotating your tires every 6 months and balancing them annually will help avoid these more costly repairs.

Willis Auto and Diesel Services in Lubbock, Texas, offers tire rotations and tune-ups to ensure that you are safe on the road. Contact or visit us today to keep Texas roadways safe!