Why Your Car Thermostat is Important

You may look at your car’s thermometer multiple times a trip to see what the temperature is or to gauge the speed at which a cold front is moving in or out of your area. However, did you know that your car’s thermostat is an integral part of your cooling system? Similar to how the thermostat in your home functions when you set it to a certain temperature, your car’s thermostat helps to cool down your car’s system when it gets too hot.

The air conditioner in your house comes on when it gets above a certain temperature, and your car’s functions in a similar way. Your car engine has an ideal temperature range that it runs between. The thermostat is a valve between the engine and radiator that helps to keep your engine warm enough to run but not so warm that it damages the car.

To keep your car in optimal shape, your thermostat opens and closes to keep your engine between that ideal temperature range. It closes when your car’s engine is cold to trap heat around the engine and warm it up. As the coolant gets warmer, the thermostat opens and allows coolant to flow to the radiator in order to cool it off. In order to keep your engine in top condition, you need to keep your car thermostat in good condition as well.

You can do this by changing your coolant according to schedule so it can protect the thermostat as well as the other vital systems in your vehicle. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that everything is working as it should, and when you get your annual inspection or your oil change, it is an easy check to make sure your coolant and thermostat are functioning properly.

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