Auto Coolant System

It is disturbing to see steam billowing from underneath the hood of your car because you failed to go for a coolant system check. The coolant system of your car is a significant part of your car that keeps the engine cooled to avoid overheating, and its job is to regulate the temperature of the car in all weather. Don’t neglect it.

What is an Engine Coolant?

The engine coolant or antifreeze is a liquid that runs through various components of your car engine designed to remove excess heat from your engine, and maintaining the right temperature. The mixture is a 50/50 ratio of ethylene/ propylene glycol and water. Each car comes with its own type of coolant, and that is why you need a good mechanic in Lubbock or a car repair shop to check your coolant system.

What does the Coolant System do?

As the car moves, it generates a lot of energy and heat. It is the job of the cooling system and the exhaust to ensure that the car stays cool. The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine to prevent the water from heating up and affecting the radiator. Under the hot Texas sun, it is essential to check your coolant system at Willis Auto and Diesel Repair in Lubbock to avoid damaging your car engine.

Why should I get my Coolant System Checked?

When your car overheats, metals and plastic parts get damaged incurring higher repair costs than you would have spent to preventatively check the coolant system. For a professional coolant system check in Lubbock, Texas; drive into Willis Auto and Diesel Repair.

  • Our professional service doesn’t just change the cooling system fluid, we flush out the rust and debris deposits that have gathered over a time frame.
  • We use the right additives specifically for your car to ensure the coolant stays effective as you drive around
  • At Willis Auto, we check all other cables and parts connecting to the coolant system for any damage for your safety and that of your car.