Best Car AC Repair in Lubbock

Nothing can be as uncomfortable as driving in the Lubbock’s hot summer weather without a working AC to cool you off. A working air condition does not only give you a comfortable ride, it also helps you take the most difficult turns without dropping any sweat. Here at Willis Auto Repair, we understand your need to stay cool and comfortable all the way through your ride. Our team of ASE Certified Mechanics are experts in repairing any kind of problem your car’s air conditioner may develop. We are trained in AC recharging and we can fix even the most complicated interior climate control problems.

By default, your vehicle’s air conditioner has the sole function to cool off the air in your car, and it does so using the three major parts, including: The condenser, the compressor, and the evaporator. When any of these major parts or a host of minor parts becomes faulty, the vehicle’s AC is bound to malfunction or even stop completely. This is very bad news, especially with the weather in Texas pushing 110 degrees outside.

Well, you don’t have to worry much when you can drive into Willis Auto Repair: The best car repair shop in Lubbock, Texas and get your car air conditioner back in excellent condition.

Our Repair Steps Are Proven

Our working principles are simple and highly professional. We’ll start by discussing the symptoms your faulty AC is showing. Then, our certified mechanics will take a good look at the AC compressor drive belt, and all other components that can be assessed right on site to ensure that cracks leakages and damages are spotted and rectified immediately. If the cause is not immediately repairable, we will check the AC compressor, ensuring that it is in perfect working condition. We will also take out the refrigerant from the system, run a vacuum test on it and use the right refrigerant recommended by your vehicle manufacturer to recharge the AC.

We also perform maintenance services on any brand of car AC to prevent major failures. Early detection of AC problems makes it easier and less expensive to make repairs, and this is a major reason why you need to bring in your vehicle for a check. Rest assured that we will provide top class service for you at a price that’s affordable.