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Auto Coolant System

Auto Coolant System

It is disturbing to see steam billowing from underneath the hood of your car because you failed to go for a coolant system check. The coolant system of your car is a significant part of your car that keeps the engine cooled to avoid overheating, and its job is to regulate the temperature of the car in all weather. Don’t neglect it.

What is an Engine Coolant?

The engine coolant or antifreeze is a liquid that runs through various components of your car engine designed to remove excess heat from your engine, and maintaining the right temperature. The mixture is a 50/50 ratio of ethylene/ propylene glycol and water. Each car comes with its own type of coolant, and that is why you need a good mechanic in Lubbock or a car repair shop to check your coolant system.

What does the Coolant System do?

As the car moves, it generates a lot of energy and heat. It is the job of the cooling system and the exhaust to ensure that the car stays cool. The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine to prevent the water from heating up and affecting the radiator. Under the hot Texas sun, it is essential to check your coolant system at Willis Auto and Diesel Repair in Lubbock to avoid damaging your car engine.

Why should I get my Coolant System Checked?

When your car overheats, metals and plastic parts get damaged incurring higher repair costs than you would have spent to preventatively check the coolant system. For a professional coolant system check in Lubbock, Texas; drive into Willis Auto and Diesel Repair.

  • Our professional service doesn’t just change the cooling system fluid, we flush out the rust and debris deposits that have gathered over a time frame.
  • We use the right additives specifically for your car to ensure the coolant stays effective as you drive around
  • At Willis Auto, we check all other cables and parts connecting to the coolant system for any damage for your safety and that of your car.
Best Car AC Repair in Lubbock

Best Car AC Repair in Lubbock

Nothing can be as uncomfortable as driving in the Lubbock’s hot summer weather without a working AC to cool you off. A working air condition does not only give you a comfortable ride, it also helps you take the most difficult turns without dropping any sweat. Here at Willis Auto Repair, we understand your need to stay cool and comfortable all the way through your ride. Our team of ASE Certified Mechanics are experts in repairing any kind of problem your car’s air conditioner may develop. We are trained in AC recharging and we can fix even the most complicated interior climate control problems.

By default, your vehicle’s air conditioner has the sole function to cool off the air in your car, and it does so using the three major parts, including: The condenser, the compressor, and the evaporator. When any of these major parts or a host of minor parts becomes faulty, the vehicle’s AC is bound to malfunction or even stop completely. This is very bad news, especially with the weather in Texas pushing 110 degrees outside.

Well, you don’t have to worry much when you can drive into Willis Auto Repair: The best car repair shop in Lubbock, Texas and get your car air conditioner back in excellent condition.

Our Repair Steps Are Proven

Our working principles are simple and highly professional. We’ll start by discussing the symptoms your faulty AC is showing. Then, our certified mechanics will take a good look at the AC compressor drive belt, and all other components that can be assessed right on site to ensure that cracks leakages and damages are spotted and rectified immediately. If the cause is not immediately repairable, we will check the AC compressor, ensuring that it is in perfect working condition. We will also take out the refrigerant from the system, run a vacuum test on it and use the right refrigerant recommended by your vehicle manufacturer to recharge the AC.

We also perform maintenance services on any brand of car AC to prevent major failures. Early detection of AC problems makes it easier and less expensive to make repairs, and this is a major reason why you need to bring in your vehicle for a check. Rest assured that we will provide top class service for you at a price that’s affordable.

Diesel Performance: Willis Auto Repair and Diesel Service

Diesel Performance: Willis Auto Repair and Diesel Service

Not everyone would know all it costs to drive around, especially when it comes to heavy-duty trucks. Having to consider the fuel costs, mileage, and regular maintenance, one may have to decide to go with the light-duty vehicles. However, for every vehicle that runs on gasoline or diesel, it is essential to know that proper maintenance is very much needed to keep it efficient.

Diesel engines have risen to become a vital part of the automotive. They are sure to cover far miles and are ruggedly built than gas-powered engines: the reasons you are more likely find them in heavy trucks (though, some cars and light vehicles are also included in this category). Beyond the benefits and luxuries associated with the use of diesel engines, they do have special needs for inspection, repair, and maintenance when being serviced. This may seem hard for many diesel truck owners. Happily, Willis Auto and Diesel Service is definitely a home to give you the expertise needed in diesel repair.

Willis Diesel Services

For fifteen years in Lubbock, nothing has been more passionate for Willis Auto and Diesel Service than offering quality services for every automotive need. With specialty in vehicular works, it renders adequacy in dealing with diesel-powered vehicles. This includes the diesel service or repair to ensure your engine runs as it should while maintained effectively so it would last you long.

Getting your heavy-duty trucks serviced by anyone who learns on the job may cost you more than you planned. It is rather a rational choice to go with professionalism. Besides, many owners of diesel-powered have come to know the difference: at Willis’, you are sure to have an efficient diesel service. Also, we run on durability as we deal specifically in Duramax, Cummins and Power Stroke diesel engines which have proven to be some of the best pieces of automotive parts. Interestingly, we do not merely do the little to get by, we ensure that:

  1. You are offered the best practice in full-service diesel repair. This is because we have the required technical knowledge and professional skill set for the job.
  2. You enjoy affordable prices for our services. It is good to know that we are also at fair and competitive prices with others in Lubbock.
  3. As a customer, your interest on your diesel fleet is before anything else. We do not let money come ahead of you.
  4. Your vehicle is handled with diligence and care, even as we offer you expert opinions to make your diesel-powered trucks run well.
  5. The services you get from us are valuable: we offer honesty, integrity, and quality in our dealings.


Knowing that heavy-duty trucks are designed to work hard as they cover far distances, Willis Auto Repair, and Diesel Service is here to meet your automotive needs in Lubbock, whether for service or repair. Ranging from wheel alignment to engine overhaul, up-to-date diagnostics, welding, and fabrication, we offer excellent diesel service. The utmost desire of our excellent team of technicians is that you enjoy the wheel on your diesel-powered engine. We offer no less to give your truck an effective diesel performance.